Process of Music Therapy

There are three stages involved in the treatment process: Detoxification, Awakening of the cells,
Strengthening of the cells
We should understand the various causes of Autism. It could be a result of medication / injections given for treatment of a problem. For instance, vaccination could have led to a reaction which could have caused Autism. Air pollution, water pollution, presence of strong pesticide residues in food, preservatives, food colours may have also contributed to this disorder.

We all know that dusting and cleaning is essential before any kind of work is undertaken, be it small or big. With the treatment of this disorder, detoxification is essential. Detoxification process through music therapy takes 10-12 weeks, provided it is practiced everyday, both morning and evening for about 5-6 minutes. The benefits of this detoxification process can be understood better with this example-

A person with a severe cold and chest congestion tries streaming, inhalation and medication to get relief. Soon he shows less irritation and is back to normal.
Similarly with music therapy some percentage of the toxins will be forced out of the body by about 8-9 weeks and the child will calm down, be less hyperactive, less irritable and will accept the therapy willingly. The initial rejection (of music therapy) shown by the child will slowly disappear and in its place will come acceptance. By about 12 weeks, the child will be relaxed and will begin to participate in the therapy.
Awakening of cells:
After 12 weeks, when the child’s acceptance is evident, the 2nd stage of the treatment begins. The dormant cells get activated and this continues the process of detoxification. The progress in the treatment also depends on the age of the child. The younger the child, the faster the progress. The cells of a younger child are new, more tender, thus allowing quicker regeneration of healthy cells. This whole process should take 7 months with daily practice for 12 minutes, which includes 6 minutes of detoxification. If not practiced sincerely, it takes much longer, as long as 12 months. This period of awakening can be noticed when the child starts trying out his vocal chords. The child may show some perceptible signs of positive response by smiling, listening and following given instructions or directions. His appetite may improve, he may feel better and on the whole grow into a happy child.
Strengthening of cells:
The 3rd stage in the treatment brings about noticeable changes in the child. He starts humming by himself, tries using his vocal cords more often, tries to form complete sentences and makes more eye contact. There will be an acceptance of the environment and also an acceptance of other children of the same age group. This stage, which prescribes 30-40 minutes of music therapy practiced everyday takes 16 to 20 weeks. After this the child begins to help himself by producing vibrations and by practicing on his own without the ”sympathetic vibrations” given so far by the therapist. This slowly but steadily leads to self healing. While the process of self healing is underway, the body rhythm gets corrected, a sense of balance develops and automatically the speech develops. As the thought process improves there is an improvement in the speech pattern. Disconnected thought and speech becomes more connected, positive and clear.
So far we have discussed the normal range of problem and the methods applicable and the time taken for treatment. However it must be kept in mind there are various levels of problem- age of the child, his acceptance level of the vibration and the percentage of Autism present. Thus no two children can be viewed in the same manner. The treatment for each child varies and will have to be planned accordingly. Borderline cases for instance, would undergo a shorter period of treatment, while those with more acute problem would need to undergo a longer process.